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Deividas Steponavičius

Deividas Steponavičius

HZ University of Applied Sciences
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To study Chemistry abroad I decided when I was in 10-th form. Since childhood I was interested in nature, its phenomena, I was interested in the composition of one or another substance.  When learning in gymnasium I understood that I will relate my future with natural sciences therefore at school I actively participated and was interested in chemistry, biology, geography and physics. The possibilities to study and prospects after bachelor is much higher abroad, and therefore I have chosen to study here in the Netherlands.

I have always sympathized to Netherlands. This is a country with great culture, customs and old traditions.  I admire Netherlands because it is quite a small country but it has well developed industry and latest technologies. The country is entrenched in the world and is one of the strongest countries for sure.

I got interested in HZ University of Applied Science in website. Then I had an opportunity to communicate with students of this university and representatives in the exhibition of education in Litexpo. Since then I understood that this place is for me and I wish to study, live and build my future here. I found out many things which I admire. The university offers some of the highest quality study programs in Netherlands. I am surprised because the university does everything to make students feel convenient: small classrooms, flexible programs. I like to study chemistry here, because teachers are remarkable, there are not many students, teachers always offering their help and always can work with you personally. The way of teaching is simple and understandable. Everyone: teachers, students and all HZ staff speaks English very well. Level of study here is quite high, but if you like your subject and really know what do you want, then there are no problems. I also like the program of Chemistry studies consists not only of theory but practice as well. Usually I don’t spend a lot of time to learning. Most time-consuming for me is reports writing of laboratory experiments.

There are a lot of international students and they are very friendly. It’s a lot of fun to communicate with them and not only get acquainted with them personally, but also familiarize with their country’s culture they are came from.  This helps you to understand how many different and interesting people are around the world. Study and spend the leisure time here is extremely fun. It great that the city is not large and by the way it is a resort, students can have fun in their free time. The best thing that we have sea here! Then the weather is beautiful lot of students turns to the beach, playing games and doing other fun things. I’m very gland studying and being here, I can’t imagine myself now in other place. HZ University is a wonderful place where I can start building my further life and seek career.

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Deividas Steponavičius

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