Automotive Management

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Viborg, Denmark
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2 m.
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Automotive Engineering
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AP degree
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Do you want to work in the automotive industry as a workshop manager, diagnostic technician or perhaps as a consultant?

The Automotive Management programme will qualify you to work independently with diagnostics, repair and optimization of automotive products with focus on management and consultancy within the automotive field. As part of the programme you will learn how to undertake general management, operational and financial management, quality control and safety of a workshop, including administrative, educational and personnel tasks.

The Automotive Management programme is designed to combine theory with practice. The first three semesters are taught at the academy through a combination of class teaching, projects, case studies, guest speakers and study trips to local businesses. In the fourth semester, theory is applied in practice through an internship in a company of your choice.

The programme consists of three core areas: Technology and Design, Management and Operational and Optimization, Repair and IT.

The core areas of the programme take the form of cross-disciplinary programme components, specialization programme components, an internship and a final exam project, totaling 120 ECTS.

You can read the full course curriculum, by clicking HERE. 

The core areas

  • Technology and Design
  • Management and Operations
  • Optimization, repair and IT

In the third semester, you will choose a specialization that will give you the opportunity to improve your study and professional competencies.

  • Automotive Management
  • Automotive Engineering
Reikalaujamas išsilavinimas
  • Pažymių išrašas - jei dar nesi baigęs mokyklos, būtina prisegti pažymių išrašą. Smulkesnę informaciją kaip pildyti išrašą ir kada jis reikalingas, rasi čia.

  • Brandos atestatas – jei jau esi baigęs mokyklą, išrašo nereikia, užtenka prie anketos prisegti savo Brandos atestatą.

Anglų kalbos reikalavimai
  • Kastu anglų kalbos testas (jei turi gerą įvertinimą iš IELTS/TOEFL, tau nereikia laikyti Kastu anglų kalbos testo).
Svarbūs reikalavimai
  • Matematika. bendras išklausytų valandų skaičius turi būti  125 val. arba daugiau.

You will also be able to establish and manage your own company and navigate the challenges within the automotive sector.You will therefore be well qualified for jobs such as:

  • Consultant/trouble-shooter in larger garages for cars, 
  • Lorries and busses, and other vehicles, e.g. trains
  • Consultant/trouble-shooter in importers' technical departments
  • Consultant in after-sales and supply
  • Expert in fault detection on engines in industry and technical services
  • Teacher in the motor and vehicles field
  • Diagnosis Technician
  • Floor Manager
  • Consultant
  • Garage Manager