Sport Science and Coaching

Bedfordshire University
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Bedford, England
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3 m.
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Coaching, Sports Sciences
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9250.00 GBP
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If sports coaching is your passion, this is the course for you. Effective coaching is complex and demanding, and requires high levels of knowledge and skill. Studying sports science and coaching at the University of Bedfordshire will give you the opportunity to specialise in the academic study of sports coaching.

This dynamic course has a scientific/academic basis, while you gain the necessary qualifications and practical skills to be a successful coach and/or instructor. Student coaches are encouraged to become critically reflective and socially adaptable, employing evidence-based, rather than belief-based, approaches to their professional work. The course combines a sound and thorough understanding of sports and exercise science, with knowledge of the range of roles and contexts within which a coach works. Theoretical, vocational and practical elements are included to help you to gain a comprehensive understanding of sport science, which underpins coaching practice.
Many members of staff are recognised nationally and internationally for their work and experience and there is ample opportunity to benefit from this through our close, supportive environment at the Bedford campus, which is not always possible at larger institutions.
Recent multi-million pound investments in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities mean that students benefit from high-quality opportunities to learn and engage in experimental work. The laboratories have a range of scientific equipment that includes an environmental chamber, and equipment for the measurement of oxygen uptake, speed, reaction times, strength, power and body composition, as well as a muscle cell and molecular biology laboratory.
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Coaching has emerged as a profession over the last fifteen years and is a fast-growing area of sport employment. This course may lead to opportunities in sport coaching, exercise or fitness instruction, physical education teaching, sport development and GP referral work.
Areas of study include:
  • Coaching study and skills
  • Coaching Practice
  • Anatomy and physiology for performance
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Biomechanics of sport technique
  • Fitness testing and monitoring
  • Nutrition for Sport Performance
  • Research Methods
Further study:
  • MSc/MPhil/PhD Research in sport science and/or related subjects
  • PGCE Secondary Physical Education
  • MSc Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health Promotion
  • MSc Sport Performance
  • MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology