Film Production

Bedfordshire University
Miestas, šalis
Luton, England
Studijų trukmė
3 m.
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Film, Photography & Media
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9250.00 EUR
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This industry-facing, entrepreneurial-focused course places emphasis on providing the skills you will need to achieve success in business and filmmaking.

This business model is an important differentiator, and in addition to offering a 70/30 practice/theory balance, places strong emphasis on developing a business model for start-up film companies.

It also has a focus on real world and real work experience, an approach that will provide you with the knowledge and expertise you will need to establish a career in this challenging industry.

  • Learn on a course that offers a unique 70/30 practice/theory balance in analysis and practical approaches to film
  • Study the digital technologies that offer opportunities for independent filmmakers, the production of low budget projects, corporate promotions, events and festivals
  • Develop your entrepreneurial expertise through our links with the local film community, including Luton Culture and Clearhead Productions and in-house agency Media Junction, links which will provide live creative briefs
  • Gain real world and real work experience, a business-based approach that will provide you with the knowledge and expertise you will need to establish a successful career in this exciting industry
  • Explore the key transferable skills, critical faculties and analytical acumen you will need to grasp opportunities and achieve your ambitions
  • Challenge yourself as you study in our industry-standard production and post-production studio facilities, work that will give you a head-start if you wish to set up your own production company
  • Benefit from studying with staff who play key roles in the British film industry, many of whom have made documentaries and dramas for TV, cinema and gallery exhibitions. 


Reikalaujamas išsilavinimas

Stojant į šį universitetą dėmesys yra kreipiamas į pažymius ir Brandos atestato vidurkį, kuris turi būti ne žemesnis kaip 5 + laikytų brandos egzaminų vidurkis ne mažesis kaip 50%.

  • Pažymių išrašas - jei dar nesi baigęs mokyklos, būtina prisegti pažymių išrašą. Smulkesnę informaciją kaip pildyti išrašą ir kada jis reikalingas, rasi čia.*

  • Brandos atestatas – jei jau esi baigęs mokyklą, išrašo nereikia, užtenka prie Kastu stojimo anketos prisegti savo Brandos atestatą.

Anglų kalbos reikalavimai

Svarbu, jog anglų kalbos testo rezultatai universitetą pasiektų iki Liepos 31d.

Anglų kalbos žinias gali patvirtinti vienu iš šių būdų:

  • Anglų kalbos vidurkis 8 B2 lygiu.

  • IELTS - 6.0

  • TOEFL – 80

Real world learning has been written into the core curriculum of the degree at all levels. At level 4 it will be `like real world, but at level 5 students will be required to take part in projects with live briefs as part of the Freelancer unit.At level 6 real world elements include a live pitch to Industry professionals at the start of the Major project, professional practice throughout, and the `degree showcase which students will put on as the culmination of their major project and to which industry personnel and employers will be invited. Industry speakers will be part of learning at all levels.