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Tilburg University
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Tilburg, Netherlands
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1 m.
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International Business, Management, Organisation & Leadership
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2143.00 EUR
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Are you interested in an international career in business? Do you want to work at a major multinational or at a consulting firm in an international environment? Then the Master’s program in International Management is the right program for you.

Put yourself on the fast track to the international management career of your dreams

Become a highly trained all-rounder with management skills applicable in an international context

Organizations today seek employees with a broad understanding of international business. The Master's program in International Management offers you exactly this opportunity: to become a highly trained all-rounder with not only a thorough knowledge of management theories, but also with the skill set to apply this knowledge in an international context.

With a program that covers all major business disciplines, corporate responsibility ánd cross-cultural negotiations

The course curriculum covers all the major business disciplines, including marketing, management, and finance, and is supplemented with skills training in consulting and cross-cultural negotiation. The program also trains students to apply knowledge and skills in a responsible way to create value for relevant stakeholders.

QTEM network partner

This Master's program is a proud partner of the prestigious QTEM network. Excellent and ambitious students -if selected during the first semester of the regular program- have the opportunity to extend their one-year master program with an additional year. In this additional year, they can spend up to two semesters at different QTEM's partner universities, and do an internship abroad at one of the corporate partners. Corporate partners include McKinsey, Bain, Deloitte, and ABInBev. Successful QTEM students are awarded the QTEM Network Certificate.

A Tilburg University Master's program in International Management offers you:

  • A truly global experience that includes teaching by international academics and practitioners, culturally diverse classmates and content that incorporates global business methods and models.

  • The opportunity to do an internship: the curriculum facilitates the possibility of doing an internship. Get some work experience, obtain a good picture of how things work in practice and build up your network.

  • A student centered approach to learning, where you enjoy more individual attention from professors and thus more time to delve into topics and test your ideas.

  • Ideal preparation for a future managerial career as companies are involved in the program throughout the year.

  • According to the latest Times Higher Education ranking Tilburg University is #1 in the Netherlands and #3 in Europe in the field of Economics and Business.


#1 in International Management in the Netherlands according to Elsevier (2016)

National top-rated program according to the Keuzegids Masters (2017)

#11 worldwide in Business and Economics Times Higher Education Ranking 2016

#18 in the world in Economics and Business Global Universities Ranking US News 2016

#2 in the Netherlands, #4 in Europe, #29 worldwide in Management Shanghai Subject Ranking

Reikalaujamas išsilavinimas

Į magistro studijų programas gali stoti visi, baigę universitetą arba besimokantys paskutiniame kurse. Studijos kurias baigei ar tebesimokai turi būti panašios krypties kaip ir tos, į kurias nori stoti, kadangi priėmimas yra paremtas ECTS kreditų suderinamumu.

  • ECTS kreditų išrašas - jei dar nesi baigęs aukštosios mokyklos, būtina prisegti ECTS kreditų išrašą, kuriame būtų matyti, kokius dalykus Tu mokeisi bei kokius pažymius ir kiek kreditų už juos gavai. Kai siunti anketą paskutiniame kurse, diplomą reikia prisegti vėliau, kai tik jį gausi.
  • Bakalauro diplomas – jei jau esi baigęs aukštąją mokyklą, išrašo nereikia, užtenka prie anketos prisegti savo Bakalauro diplomą.
Anglų kalbos reikalavimai

Anglų kalbos žinias gali patvirtinti vienu iš šių būdų:

  • IELTS – 6.5 (ne mažiau nei 6.0 iš kiekvienos dalies)
  • TOEFL – 90
Svarbūs reikalavimai

1. Educational background/diplomas

You will need a solid academic basis in the following areas in order to qualify for the Master's in International Management program:

  • Marketing (12 ECTS)

  • Management (12 ECTS)

  • Finance (12 ECTS)

  • Accounting (12 ECTS)

  • Economics (12 ECTS)

  • Academic training* (24 ECTS)

  • Mathematics and Statistics (18 ECTS)

*Academic training means courses / experience in research skills and an academic way of working. E.g. if you have written a thesis or have done a research project this will count as academic training.
Note that these requirements are indicative, the final assessment lies with the admissions committee.

2. GMAT test

It is compulsory for this program to submit your GMAT score.

  • The average GMAT score of accepted students at Tilburg University is 600. The GMAT institutional code for Tilburg University is VMV-LT-02.

  • Students with a relevant degree from one of the official partner universities of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management may apply without GMAT.

Future jobs

With a Master's degree in International Management, you can choose from a large range of possible careers in business and academia.

Your qualification opens doors for future jobs in:

  • multinational corporations, including general management positions and specialized positions in marketing, corporate finance and treasury, accounting and control, and financial reporting

  • financial service providers, including commercial banks, insurance companies, and accountancy firms

  • management consulting, with particular reference to strategic, marketing, and corporate finance issues

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge with others? After finishing your Master in International Management, Dutch graduates have the possibility to follow a one-year educational post-Master to become a teacher in Management and Organization.

The Master in International Management also offers a competitive advantage for students interested in applying for a PhD program at Tilburg University or another university of international standing.

Facts & Figures

  • Average number of months till first paid job: 3.4

  • Paid job within six months after graduation: 84%

  • Is (very) satisfied about current job / position: 92%

  • The gross monthly income of our graduates in the first year: € 2,644