Climate and Supply Engineering

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Horsens, Denmark
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3.5 m.
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Hydrology & Water Management
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If you would like to help solve problems relating to climate change, flooding caused by cloud bursts, clean drinking water supply, protection of groundwater and the development of the energy supply of the future, then the Supply Engineering degree programme is the right choice for you.

It takes 3½ years to become a supply engineer, and you can choose between three lines of specialisation:

  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • District heating

As part of the degree programme, the fifth semester has been set aside for a work placement in a private or public sector company within the utility industry. This gives you an opportunity to test the engineering skills you have already acquired.

You can find programme structure here.

This degree has been created in close collaboration with the companies working with the supply of water and heat or waste water management. It is very important that this education reflects the actual needs for knowledge in the companies, thus giving the graduates the relevant knowledge and skills.


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  • Brandos atestatas – jei jau esi baigęs mokyklą, išrašo nereikia, užtenka prie anketos prisegti savo Brandos atestatą.

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  • Matematika.  bendras išklausytų valandų skaičius turi būti 325 valandos arba daugiau
  • Fizika. bendras išklausytų valandų skaičius turi būti 200 valandų arba daugiau
  • Chemija. bendras išklausytų valandų skaičius turi būti 75 valandos arba daugiau

As a graduate supply engineer you can work in utility companies, consulting engineering firms, firms of contractors or in the public sector.

You will have plenty of opportunities to work abroad, where the lack of clean water and wastewater processing is a growing global challenge that requires skilled engineers.

The education is the first higher education programme in Denmark within these areas, and the Danish companies have shown great interest in this new degree. Jobs will be available for all who complete the program successfully, and graduates will also have good opportunities for employment in countries outside Denmark.

VIA Career Service Centre

VIA University College is already making a huge effort to help international students find internships and jobs in Denmark. For several years, our Career Service Centre has been offering VIA students help and guidance in searching for jobs and internships in Denmark by offering workshops on “how to write a CV”,or “how to write an application”. The Centre also organizes company dating – a campus fair where students get to meet a lot of Danish companies to hear more about career opportunities. The Career Service Centre is currently intensifying these activities in response to both the Ministry’s and VIA’s wish for international students to remain in Denmark after graduation. We will be offering graduates even more events and opportunities to meet the companies, just as the opening hours at the Career Service Centre have been extended and more seminars will be held. We want our international students to experience that access to the Danish companies and to the Danish labour market will be even easier in the future.

Attached you can find more information about some of the coming events, just as you can find more information on Facebook and on our website :

VIA Website: Career Service Centre

Facebook: Career Service Centre