Materials Science Engineering

VIA Design, Technology & Business
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Herning, Denmark
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3.5 m.
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Design, Materials Science & Engineering, Product design
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If you choose the 3½-year full bachelor degree programme in Materials Science and Product Design, you have taken the first steps towards becoming a key employee in the textile and furniture business.

The education gives you broad knowledge of materials and processes, and you get expert knowledge of new and innovative materials which i.e. can make textiles more durable and adjust to body temperatures.

Apart from that you get insight into modern processing technology, thus you can be part of optimising aspects when it comes to techniques, product design, product development process, economics, and production in manufacturing companies.

The programme takes place in Herning in collaboration with the engineering training programmes at VIA and the University of Aarhus in Herning (AU Herning). TEKO and AU Herning are situated next to each other and the teachings will take place at either of the two locations. In this way, you obtain the latest knowledge and are taught by the best educators from the textile and furniture sectors. In addition, VIA and AU Herning complements with many years of experience within the area of engineering technology.

You choose an area of specialization either within the textile or furniture industry:

  • The textile speciality is directed towards the textile and garment industry. Thus, the lessons in material engineering focus on natural and chemical fibres, respectively, as well as the technological development within the area of textile materials and manufacturing.
  • The furniture speciality is directed towards the furniture industry, and the lessons in material engineering have tree, plastic and metal as their main focus.
Reikalaujamas išsilavinimas
  • Pažymių išrašas - šį užpildytą išrašą BŪTINA pateikti VISIEMS stojantiesiems (ir baigusiems mokyklą, ir dar besimokantiems 12-toje klasėje). Smulkesnę informaciją kaip pildyti išrašą ir kada jis reikalingas, rasi čia.

  • Visų stojančiųjų pažymių išrašuose būtinai turi būti nurodytas Anglų kalbos valandų skaičius, kuris turi būti 210 valandų arba daugiau. 

  • Brandos atestatas – jei jau esi baigęs/usi mokyklą, prie anketos reikia prisegti ir savo Brandos atestatą. 

Anglų kalbos reikalavimai

Kad galėtum stoti į VIA programas, turi atitikti šiuos anglų kalbos reikalavimus:

  • turėti iš anglų kalbos 5 arba didesnį vidurkį. 
  • turėti iš anglų kalbos 210 astronominių val.  (surinktų per 10, 11 ir 12 klases).


  • išsilaikyti Kastu anglų kalbos testą (jeigu esi išsilaikęs IELTS/TOEFL testą, kastu testo laikyti nereikia).
Svarbūs reikalavimai
  • Matematika. Bendras išklausytas matematikos pamokų skaičius turi viršyti 250 valandas.
  • Fizika. Bendras išklausytas fizikos pamokų skaičius turi viršyti 200 valandų.
  • Chemija. Bendras išklausytas chemijos pamokų skaičius turi viršyti 75 valandas.
  • Anglų kalba. Bendras išklausytas anglų kalbos pamokų skaičius vidurinėje mokykloje turi viršyti 210 valandų ir turite laikyti Kastu kalbos testą.

Visiems stojantiesiems į šią programą būtina užpildyti ŠIĄ FORMĄ. Formą reikia įkelti į kastu anketos Additional documents skiltį.


As a Material Technology Engineer you have the competences to enter a wide range of jobs. For instance, you can work with product development, financial management, development and research on new materials, purchasing of new materials and products, and disposals and consultancy on materials and processes.

Your job title could either be a furniture engineer, textile engineer, product developer, controller, sourcer or material, process consultant etc.

Further education
With a BA degree featuring Material Technology Engineering you have the chance to take up further studies at other colleges, either in Denmark or abroad. The student counsellors at TEKO will be very happy to guide you on this. For instance, you may choose to continue your studies with an MSc in Engineering (Technology Based Business Development) programme at AU Herning.

VIA Career Service Centre

VIA University College is already making a huge effort to help international students find internships and jobs in Denmark. For several years, our Career Service Centre has been offering VIA students help and guidance in searching for jobs and internships in Denmark by offering workshops on “how to write a CV”,or “how to write an application”. The Centre also organizes company dating – a campus fair where students get to meet a lot of Danish companies to hear more about career opportunities. The Career Service Centre is currently intensifying these activities in response to both the Ministry’s and VIA’s wish for international students to remain in Denmark after graduation. We will be offering graduates even more events and opportunities to meet the companies, just as the opening hours at the Career Service Centre have been extended and more seminars will be held. We want our international students to experience that access to the Danish companies and to the Danish labour market will be even easier in the future.

Attached you can find more information about some of the coming events, just as you can find more information on Facebook and on our website :

VIA Website: Career Service Centre

Facebook: Career Service Centre