Business Analytics and Operations Research

Tilburg University
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Tilburg, Netherlands
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Business Intelligence & Analytics
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Do you like working with data and mathematics? Do you want to specialize in solving the most complex decision problems, from supply chain management to vehicle routing and from donor kidney allocation to train scheduling? Then the specialization in Business Analytics and Operations Research is the right program for you.

Specialize in optimizing company decisions by using data and mathematical models and algorithms

The Master's specialization in Business Analytics and Operations Research teaches generic Data Science and Optimization methods that allow you to solve decision problems in a wide variety of applications:

  • Examples from logistics include vehicle routing, supply chain optimization, and inventory management.

  • Examples in the medical field are donor kidney allocation and optimizing tumor treatment plans.

  • In the public sector examples are dike height optimization and train scheduling.

Because Business Analytics and Operations Research are predominantly applied fields, you will also develop the skills to successfully apply the theory in practice, and to communicate efficiently with the decision makers.

A Tilburg University Master's specialization in Business Analytics and Operations Research offers you:

  • A degree qualification held in high regard by international organizations that increasingly depend on quantitative methods to support their operations, logistics and supply chain management decision-making.

  • A program that is comparable to top Business Analytics and Operations Research programs in the world, both in terms of the contents of the courses and the quality of the teachers and supervisors.

  • Excellent career perspectives: The Master's specialization in Business Analytics and Operations Research is one of the programs with the best career prospects. Business Analytics and Operations Research professionals are currently in very high demand, and the demand is predicted to increase even further.

  • Relevant, real-world learning where the emphasis is on solving actual business problems and turning data into managerial insights, whether it is during in-class exercises or while on an internship in a company.

  • BAOR Mastermind, your ideal opportunity to explore the labor market and meet your future employer! We invite companies that give you insight in real business cases. You will also get the opportunity to discuss new trends in Business Analytics and Operations Research with academics and practitioners.

  • Lectures by teachers and supervisors that are leading experts in this field, with strong links with practice.

  • Small class sizes giving you more quality time with approachable and supportive professors and closer interaction with your classmates


#11 worldwide in Business and Economics Times Higher Education Ranking, 2016
#37 worldwide in Economics & Econometrics - QS World University Rankings
#1 in it's field according to Elsevier Best Studies
#12 in Europe in Economics & Business - Academic Ranking of World Universities
#18 in the world in Economics and Business - Global Universities Ranking US News, 2016

Reikalaujamas išsilavinimas

Į magistro studijų programas gali stoti visi, baigę universitetą arba besimokantys paskutiniame kurse. Studijos kurias baigei ar tebesimokai turi būti panašios krypties kaip ir tos, į kurias nori stoti, kadangi priėmimas yra paremtas ECTS kreditų suderinamumu.

  • ECTS kreditų išrašas - jei dar nesi baigęs aukštosios mokyklos, būtina prisegti ECTS kreditų išrašą, kuriame būtų matyti, kokius dalykus Tu mokeisi bei kokius pažymius ir kiek kreditų už juos gavai. Kai siunti anketą paskutiniame kurse, diplomą reikia prisegti vėliau, kai tik jį gausi.
  • Bakalauro diplomas – jei jau esi baigęs aukštąją mokyklą, išrašo nereikia, užtenka prie anketos prisegti savo Bakalauro diplomą.
Anglų kalbos reikalavimai

Anglų kalbos žinias gali patvirtinti vienu iš šių būdų:

  • IELTS – 6.5 (ne mažiau nei 6.0 iš kiekvienos dalies)
  • TOEFL – 90
Svarbūs reikalavimai

1. Educational background/diplomas

  • To be eligible for the Master’s program Business Analytics and Operations Research, you will need a Bachelor's degree in Econometrics and Operations Research or similar discipline from a university recognized by the Admissions Board.

  • We require you to have a solid academic background in mathematics and probability theory. The following literature gives you an idea of the level of mathematics and probability theory we require for entry into the program:

    • L.J.Bain & M.Engelhardt, Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Duxbury, 2nd edition

    • William F. Trench, Introduction to real Analysis, (2013), Books and Monographs, book 7

    • D.C. Lay, Linear Algebra and its Applications, Pearson, 4th edition

  • Our Admissions Board may give you the opportunity to rectify deficiencies (max 30 ECTS) during a Pre-Master's program.

2. GRE General Test

It is compulsory for this program to submit your GRE General Test.

  • Our incoming students usually score above the 75% percentile. The GRE institution code for Tilburg University is 0730.

  • Students with a relevant degree from one of the official partner universities of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management may apply without GRE.

The program Business Analytics and Operations Research is one of the programs with the best career prospects. Business Analytics and Operations Research professionals are currently in very high demand, and the demand is predicted to increase even further. Hence, your career perspectives are excellent!   

The quantitative modelling expertise that you will have gained will open up extensive career opportunities for you in the private sector, as well as in the public and non-profit sectors. Your degree prepares you for a career as Business Analytics or Operations Research specialist, in a consultancy firm, a software company, and many other companies.

You will also be in an excellent position to pursue a PhD in Operations Research or any related field,or the 2-years Professional Doctorate Program in Data Science, which is jointly offered by Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology.

Our alumni work within Operations Research firms like Quintiq, Ortec, and CQM;  logistics or general consultancy firms like KPMG and McKinsey;  Operations Research departments in companies like Dutch Railways, KLM, and Shell;  and firms developing logistics software like SAP, Oracle, and Incontrol. Examples of employers and job titles of our recent graduates are the following:

  •  Supply Chain Consultant at OM Partners
  •  Implementation Consultant at ORTEC
  •  Life Cycle Management Analyst at Philips Healthcare
  •  Optimization Algorithm Expert at Quintiq
  •  Quantitative Analyst at Rabobank Nederland
  •  Quantitative Researcher at Robeco
  •  Consultant at Quintiq
  •  Supply Chain Consultant at ORTEC
  •  Risk Manager at Cardano
  •  Supply Chain Specialist at Bavaria
  •  Consultant at Fabory Group